24/7 Sandblasting Services in South Western Ontario

Whether it is the middle of the day or the middle of the night, you can give your products a smooth and contaminant-free surface that is ready to make it to the painting station. A-Tech Sandblasting & Painting offers you 24/7 emergency sandblasting services for all your metal, brick, and wood products, assets, and heavy-duty equipment. We are based in Hamilton and serve the entire South Western Ontario area. Contact us or visit us.

How Does It Work?

When preparing any surface for powder coating, it is extremely important that the item you are coating is completely clean of oils, dirt, paint, rust and corrosion. Sandblasting de-scales, de-buries and removes oxides, old finishing, and other surface contaminants from metals. Things such as grease, rust, and dirt will contaminate the powder, interfere with the coating process, and weaken the bond between the powder and the metal.

While sandpaper gives the item profile, the sanding marks are in straight lines. However, a sandblaster creates a uniform and textured finish all over the entire surface of your part, and make it to places that no sandpaper can reach.

Work With A Professional Sandblasting Company

We service a wide variety of commercial and industrial customers who are looking to improve the appearance of their equipment or sell their assets. A-Tech Sandblasting & Painting will make your equipment look like new and can even bring it back to its perfect state for painting or restoring.

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