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Remove all previous paint, oil, grime, and dirt off your construction and heavy-duty transportation equipment with A-Tech Sandblasting & Painting. We are experts in sandblasting and will provide your items and equipment with the look that you want. Whether it is for paint preparation, restoration, or cleanup, we will ensure a high-quality and long-lasting appearance for your equipment.

How Does Sandblasting Work?

Sandblasting removes layers of paint, rust, and surface contaminants using sand at high velocity to prepare the surface for restoration. Sandblasting is also utilized to create texture or depth in materials such as wood, glass, concrete, foam or granite. Different media may be utilized depending on job specifications or requirements.

Applications of Sandblasting

Sandblasting can be used on a range of wood and metal projects in commercial and industrial sites. For example, to clean old surface coatings, or stripping stain or paint from beams, exposing the grain in wood for raised grain effect, or to remove smoke or fire damage stains.

Work With A Professional Sandblasting Company

We service a wide variety of commercial and industrial customers who are looking to improve the appearance of their equipment or sell their assets. A-Tech Sandblasting & Painting will make your equipment look like new and can even bring it back to its perfect state for painting or restoring.

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