Sandblasting in Hamilton

Sandblasting or Abrasive Blasting

Sandblasting has several applications. It is a process used, very commonly, to remove rust, remove grime and remove paint. It can also be used for other home projects and home renovations such as restoring decks and driveways. Additionally, sandblasting is also used with the purpose of restoring furniture, in particular restoring lawn furniture since it can be applied on metallic surfaces. However, let’s dig in a little deeper as to exactly what is Sandblasting.

What is Sandblasting?

From a general perspective and technically speaking, sandblasting is the process of cleaning, smoothing and shaping a variety of hard surfaces. This is accomplished by forcing solid particles (sand) at extremely high speeds and the ultimate result is very similar to the one obtained when using sandpaper. Nevertheless, there is a significant difference in the efficiency, which translates into time, and quality of the end result. This same process is commonly known as abrasive blasting.

Dry Blasting vs Wet Blasting

Both serve to remove a coating or something you don’t want off the surface of a product or “thing” and prepare that surface for something else to be applied, like paint or protective coating.
This can become a bit fuzzy when you come to realize that there are many routes that can be taken to meet your needs of abrasive blasting. Asides from sandblasting you also find the option of wet abrasive blasting.

They are very similar in the sense that both procedures make use of an abrasive media i.e. sand in combination with compressed air, the difference is that wet blasting as the name suggests, uses a third element which is a liquid element. Using the wet blasting alternative can sometimes be used to optimize the “level” of finish on the different surfaces in which it is applied, nonetheless, it comes with other factors that need to be taken into consideration. The main advantage when comparing dry blasting to wet blasting is that wet blasting allows for dust suppression. This will be important only if the job that you are doing implies that there will be significant dust, and if this dust will cause an inconvenience for you or your surroundings, or if the job itself is in a highly populated area.

A major factor that comes into play is the fact that wet blasting has a higher cost and this expense is generally only justified if the conditions previously explained are demanded by the circumstance in which the job is being done. In any other case, the better alternative will typically be to apply the sandblasting method since it comes at a considerably lower cost and ultimately the quality level is very alike.

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