Sandblasting Service in Brampton

Specialized and Meticulous Sandblasting Service in Brampton

In A-Tech Sandblasting, you’ve found your local partner for small or large sandblasting jobs in the Brampton Ontario area. You won’t need to worry about your surfaces being damaged by the cleaning process. We will remove mill scale, oil, rust, corrosion, old paint, and other surface contaminants quickly, leaving all surfaces clear.

Sandblasting is the method of shooting material at high pressure to clean surfaces. Protect your tools, your machines and your overall property surfaces from dirt, mud, and rust that penetrates deep and sticks to them.

Rust oxidizes metal and causes damage to the equipment that you depend for your operation. You can choose more abrasive methods to clean tougher jobs.

Multipurpose Sandblasting Services

Among the common materials used for our sandblasting jobs and projects, we include walnut shells, pumice and glass beads. Blasting surface in preparation for paint is ideal to save time and money.
Manually cleaning surfaces is a good way to keep your business clean; but, have you come across grime or rust that accumulates over time and won’t go wash away?

Washing or Sandblasting?

You can try manually washing and rubbing surfaces as part of your property regular maintenance. However, stuck-on oil and grime accumulated over a long period of time won’t be as easy to handle.

Oil sticks and stays where it is spilled, and will eventually need a thorough cleaning. Sandblasting is a hassle-free and efficient way to remove rust, stain or paint to prepare surfaces for remodeling. As well, it makes this a viable option to clean cars that need repainting.

Regular cleaning methods require chemicals to handle different types of contaminants. In contrast, sandblasting in Brampton is a power washing technique that utilizes non-toxic materials for your surfaces. Therefore, this is an environmentally friendly option that works for any industry.

Sandblasting is the most efficient method to remove paint and other coatings to bare surfaces. Likewise, provides a great way to prepare surfaces for any sealants or coatings.
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