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Are you looking to add texture to a concrete surface in your property? If so, sandblasting concrete is the perfect solution! A-Tech Sandblasting & Painting is your reliable company to turn to when you’re in need of professional sandblasting concrete services. 

At A-Tech Sandblasting & Painting, we proudly serve commercial, residential and industrial customers in the greater Toronto area, Brampton, Hamilton, and Ontario, Canada. Whether big or small, our specialists can handle it all! 

With our modern and specialized equipment, we can sand any concrete surfaces such as walls, floors, patios, driveways, sidewalks, and steps. Get a free no-obligation quote now or Schedule an appointment today!

Advantages of Sandblasting Concrete Surfaces

  • It’s the most cost-effective choice compared to other methods. 
  • It’s highly efficient, sandblasting can clean almost any surface.
  • It’s both environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
  • It’s versatile. Compared to other methods, sandblasting can be used for different purposes and on a variety of surfaces such as concrete, brick, and wood.
  • With sandblasting concrete you’ll save time and money in maintenance routines. 
  • Sandblasting concrete enhances and adds aesthetic appeal to any surface.
  • Sandblasting concrete offers better results compared to other conventional methods.

What is Sandblasting Used For?

Abrasive blasting or better known as Sandblasting was patented by Benjamin Chew Tilghman on October 18, 1870. Since then, sandblasting has become the easiest, fastest and most effective way to get rid of paint, rust, dirt, mold, mildew, corrosion, oils and other pollutants. 

Sandblasting is an innovative and popular method used by a number of industries to etch, clean, smooth or shape a variety of surfaces by propelling numerous abrasive materials at high speed to clear the surface. 

Sandblasting is the perfect finishing technique for concrete surfaces and often used before painting. Sandblasting concrete can be customized. You can choose from a light, medium or heavy sandblasted finish, depending on the level of aggregate exposure desired. 

Commercial and industrial customers are the perfect candidates to take advantage of sandblasting concrete. We understand that many business owners take their presentations as a crucial role in their job. Keeping spotless your infrastructure including parking lots, sidewalks and patios is key to making a good first impression in everybody, including your potential customers, visitors, employees, and others. 

Get your concrete surfaces cleaned and smoothed by A-Tech Sandblasting & Painting, get them sandblasted! Give us a call now to set up an appointment!

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