Truck & Car Sandblasting

Sandblasting is perfect for stripping paint, oil, and rust from the steel body of your car or truck. With this method, you use small particles to scrape the surface of your car, giving you the opportunity to get a new paint job. If you’re planning on restoring your car, A-Tech Sandblasting & Painting is the company to call in the Greater Toronto Area. If you’re looking for reliable and efficient car sandblasting, call our representatives to schedule!

How does car sandblasting work?

We use small abrasive particles and fire them at super high speed towards your vehicle’s metal surfaces to remove imperfections. Once that’s removed, the area is clean and smooth and ready for the next stage of the restoration project. With sandblasting, you easily remove years of paint and body fillers from the surface while also exposing small holes and imperfections that will be treated before the prep and paint.

Truck Sandblasting
In order to remove rust and paint, sandblasting fires tiny particles at the surface area of your truck. Truck sandblasting is a fast and efficient way to restore your vehicle whenever you need to expose the original material of the surface of your truck to prep and paint it for restoration. Once we finish our thorough sandblasting, primers and sealants are applied to leave a pristine finish.

Car Sandblasting
Car sandblasting is perfectly safe for vehicles, especially classic cars due to their heavier panels. With a team of skilled and experienced professionals, you can rest assured the final product will be a clean and smooth finish. Strip the paint of your car without damaging or warping it. The best part of this method is how fast, safe, and efficient it is to remove paint from several surfaces.

Truck Sandblasting

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